A note from Stephanie about giving

This is always a tricky subject.
How much of my time can I give to the Lord?
How much of my income can I give to the Lord?
How much of my talents can I give to the Lord?
None of these questions are easy to answer, and they are probably aspects of Christian living that we like to tuck neatly out of the way.
At this point we often hear the story of the widow’s mite – giving her all for the work of the Lord.
But Ezra, in chapter 2 v 69 suggests that we should each give ‘According to their ability’, which is still a challenge, but changes the emphasis. For some people lock-down has meant that we cannot spend, and so we may have a few pounds in our bank balance, to spend for the Lords work. Or, it may have meant a loss of income and a challenging time, and in these circumstances, we would offer to support you.
In truth our finances are down because we are not receiving our usual income from hall hires and so on. We still have many costs, including the painting of St Marys (yes, we have a date!), erecting a boundary fence, office costs and Parish share. We do not usually ask, but we are asking whether you could consider increasing your giving by a small amount. To help you think this through, Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 8: 3 & 12.
‘For I testify that they gave according to their ability and even beyond it. Of their own accord.’ ‘For if the eagerness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have.’
Whatever you decide, may you have peace, and please know that we are very grateful for all you do, and have given to the work in our Parish over the years. Our God is faithful, and he will carry us through.
Love, Stephanie

As Stephanie has written , we have seen, like many others, a significant fall in our income over the last 3 months since we have not met together. Please consider prayerfully how you might be able to respond…
There are various options including in this week's copy of Churchtalk, and you can also donate via the link below.

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